Family & Friends

May God remember our family and friends

We remember those we knew who were dear to us, who have passed beyond the frontiers of this life.

We think of those we loved and those we could never love enough. The stillness of this day eases our pain, and its holiness purifies our memory. Eternal God, we give thanks for all You gave us through them.

They live on in us, for we are shaped by them. From their lives we learn some love and courage, and through their death we glimpse eternity.

In our hearts we name these who shine for us like the stars of heaven, parents and children, wives and husbands, relations and friends.

May God remember the souls of our dear ones who have gone to their everlasting home and dwell beneath the shelter of the Most High. Let our deeds and our prayers be their memorial, and may their goodness continue to live in us. May God reunite us in the gathering of life. The Eternal is their portion and they rest in peace. Amen.